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Noblesse oblige not to say, but to show.
Dr. Lyuben Stanev Lalev is the creator of the brand as "DIPLOMAT", "TERMOMAX", "BRAVISSIMO" and others in the field of electrical appliances. He is a Founder and Chairman of the Association "QUALITY OF LIFE", which also built one of the strongest brands for corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, he is a creator of the strategic concepts "QUALITY OF LIFE®", "LIFEMAX®", "WELLNESS ZONE®", Center "HEALTH & BEAUTY®" and others. In the field of tourism, he is the creator of the brand DIPLOMAT PLAZA HOTEL & RESORT, in Lukovit city – the first conceptual hotel in Bulgaria, recently built and another tourist brand - "THE EXPERTS®", where brings experts in tourism provide the key to success® for hotels, restaurants and destinations /www.ekspertite.bg/. In educational and scientific aspects, he holds a doctorate in Tourism at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Work experience
2015 - 2013
Lecturer in numerous conferences at tourist: Travel B2B Forum, Travel Mind, Conference on Cultural Tourism, National Conference on medical and health tourism, etc .;

Co-founder of "Creative institute";

Creator, initiator and organizer of the conference: "First meeting of science with practice", given to students in tourism from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski";

Member of the NCS (National Council for Self-Regulation)

Initiator and inspirer for the creation of Association "Quality of Life". Unanimously chosen by the founders, Chairman of the Association. On his suggestion was assigned to the NPOC to make the first in Bulgaria study for the quality of life.

Together with a team of experts launched a project to improve quality of life

Article BHRA (Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association)

Participated in the creation of the first conceptual hotel in Bulgaria, DIPLOMAT PLAZA HOTEL & RESOT. Co-author of its unique concept "Special moments for special people"

Member of the BCC (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce)
Creates Vocational Training Centre (VTC) to "Diplomat Balkan Center" in Lukovit and licensed in Napoli.

Founder of the "Balkan Center Diplomat" supporting culture, sport and tourism in the region
Creates and develops the brand Diplomat, which in addition to being known and preferred by Bulgarians in 2014 won first place as their favorite brand.

Diploma specialization "Manager" in Bulgarian American Information Consulting Center of Economics and Management

Author of the book "Together we will succeed"

Participated in the creation of "Rikoshet" Ltd., which was then one of the biggest Bulgarian companies for home delivery of electrical appliances. For the first time in Bulgaria unites the distribution of all Bulgarian factories for electrical appliances from a warehouse. The results are phenomenal!

Successfully passed the exams and take a certificate of Export-Akademie Baden-Wuttemberg Management Information System; linking theory and practice

Opened the first private shops in the cities Lukovit, Botevgrad, Etropele, Cherven Briag, etc., under the trademark "Marto-Shorto"

Develop an active business in the 17th Council of Ministers Decree, the 35th Council of Ministers Decree and later, Decree 56

2012 - 2015
Doctor in tourism at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", on "The role of the business sector in the development of new tourist destination."
As a PhD student he was involved in:
• Tenth International Conference with a report entitled "Potential for development of tourism in the municipality Republic" (June 2013).;
• International Conference on "Responsible Tourism 2020", a report on "Good practices of responsible tourism in Diplomat Plaza "and others.

University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarev" - c. Burgas, a Master's Degree in "Economics and organization of tourism"

University "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarev" - c. Burgas, graduated Bachelor in "Organization and management of the hotel and restaurant"

Institute for teachers' M. Iv. Kalinin "- c. Sliven

School of electrification and automation

Building brands
Developing brands
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Management
Marketing Communications
Innovative processes
International Business
Event management
Creative advertising
Trade and logistics, etc.