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"EXPERTS LTD" will be named in this document as "EXPERTS".

EXPERTS is an organization performing expert services in branding, marketing and IMC (integrated marketing communications). Providing expertise and obtaining expert solutions for profitable and successful brand, and satisfied and loyal customers, as follows:

brand audit; brand positioning; brand design; rebranding; brand CSR; brand trainings; implementation and monitoring, etc .;

marketing audit; marketing research; marketing planning; marketing strategy; product management; pricing; implementation and monitoring, etc .;

• IMC:
advertising, public relations (PR); personal selling, sales promotion, implementation and monitoring and others.
Experts EXPERTS identify and solve problems in the above mentioned areas, arising from the establishment and management of a brand.

Why "EXPERTS" ?:

• Because of the trust EXPERTS provoke in partners dictated by their union, knowledge and experience.
EXPERTS is not just melodious and meaningful name for the company, and is a name which also suggests that activity in a serious request for market presence and is filled with content in depth.

EXPERTS brand would not risk your name and your overall concept to partner with dubious or self-employed persons identifying themselves as experts. EXPERTS is a guarantee that only true professionals are in the team. Moreover, synergies between them occurs when they enter in teams to collaborate on projects.

• Because of teamwork that gives synergy (EXPERTS).
Experience shows that when an expert is alone, it is very difficult to offer comprehensive expert solution, especially in sectors which he has not worked. In teamwork, however, experts collaborate and help each other, considering the project providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions.
The strength of the experts is in teamwork!

• Because of the return of the meaning of the name "EXPERT".
We are witnessing nowadays everyone is called "expert", sometimes even unjust, because if just has a diploma or because the position they occupy officially is one. This, however, is not enough to be an expert!

Innumerable are the cases in which such "experts" led brands they work for to failure. This, however is a major issue for the companies, their owners and their employees as well.

In EXPERTS, however, there are strict criteria, which eventually will become higher and experts have to meet them. It is no coincidence that these are called as such. And are recognized by their peers - marketing, branding and IMC experts. Team representatives have both the highest theoretical knowledge and proven experience.
They do their job with passion, thought-out details and confidently put their name - a symbol of their reputation in any project for which they work (by the names of his colleagues). These are individuals who have authority in the sector in which they operate. Known in their environments with high professionalism and ethical relationships.
There are many reasons that can be mentioned: "Why EXPERTS", but more importantly is that now the market needs of complex expertise that the company team offers.

management team of EXPERTS.